Star Pilates and Fitness is a local and owner operated business. We pride ourselves on offering customized group fitness classes with small class sizes to give individualized attention to each participant. To enhance your experience to it's highest level, we appreciate you following our guidelines:

*Arrive 5 minutes early to your class. While we do have some admin support staff, it is not for every class. Instructors often sign their own classes in. This means if you arrive 5 minutes past the start time, it is possible the door will be locked and you'll miss the party, and unfortunately, this is a late cancel.

*We moved! Yay! Our new address is 1620 School Street, Suite 100. Still plenty of free parking.

*Bring a re-fillable water bottle, we cold filter our own water.

*Most of the work at Star Pilates and Fitness will be done barefoot or in grippy socks. There may be times we take our workouts outside, so toss a pair of trainers in your car as well!

*As of October 15, 2018, grippy socks are required for all work on the pilates equipment. These can also be used for mat pilates or barre. We do sell them should you need a pair. Side note: we have some loaner pairs at the studio, but availability is not guaranteed.

*Do yourself a favor, leave your phone in the car! 

*Wear moveable, breathable work out clothes.

*Don't worry about a towel- we've got them. We've also got yoga mats, props, and you can usually find chocolate in the studio. 

*Smile often.