Happy 2nd Birthday, Star

My dream had always been to devise the perfect fitness program for anyone, regardless of their fitness level. After moving to Moraga and having had experience teaching group fitness classes around the Bay Area, I concluded that working for other studios did not allow me to improvise and individualize, I realized the only way to have freedom as a teacher was to become a businesswoman and run my own studio.

I didn’t know what I was getting into but charged ahead, using savings to purchase a local studio whose owner was ready to retire. With a cosmetic face lift and enhanced offerings I was excited to embark on this new venture.

I officially re-opened in October 2014, and two months later was my little studio had multiple class offerings and they were filled with wonderful clients. My clients told me they felt comfortable and cared for, and beyond the workouts, their daily lives were improved through increased energy, greater stamina, and radiant confidence. I really felt I was fulfilling my passion of helping people achieve their fitness goals. 

Two years later, Star Pilates and Fitness is thriving. I didn’t really know where I was headed when I first bought this business. But I was – and still am – driven by a desire to teach my own students my own way, and see the results. For a teacher there is no greater gratification or reward.

Join us on October 23rd from 8-1P to celebrate our birthday. There will be free classes offered, discounted shopping, treats, and a $99 one month unlimited special for new clients as well as specials and gifts for existing.

We would love to see you!

In health, 
Andrea Ruotsi