It's February ....and I'm a year older. Thank goodness for you all, keeping me on my game and in shape! It's the energy, dedication and fun that you all bring, that lights up my inner spark and stimulates my A game each and every day. Thank you! 

But, here's what else I'm doing to hopefully prevent, maintain, and protect all the wonderful things our bodies do for us...

Acupuncture: Just recently started this and am loving it. Inquire directly if you'd like a referral to where I'm going. I really like him. 

Massage: When you teach as much as I do, or ladies- work out as much as you do!! - we need body work. If you don't have one already, make it a point to find one that you like, trust and feel confident that they will reset your facia after all the work you do. Again, let me know if you need a referral. 

Collagen: I'm just starting this but was recommended Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate, it's a powder that mixes into cold or hot liquids...I add it to my coffee and don't taste a thing. 

Vitamins: I take a food cultured womens 40+ one a day. 

Probiotic: I like the generic from Whole Foods.

Water: well, I haven't been as good about this as I should...it's SO COLD!!!..but I do drink 2 full glasses each morning before you see me at the studio. 

some kind of Purified/Liquified Something: I am a chocoholic! So, instead of indulging on ice cream daily, when I find myself with some time in Walnut Creek, I hit Pressed Juicery and get the Chocolate Almond Milk. And then I usually buy a Greens 2 and a Citrus 1. Greens 2 is a daily dose of greens with a lightly sweetened flavor from apples. Citrus 1 is a super hydrating blend of coconut water, cucumber, pineapple that not only quenches but aids in digestion. Plus both of these hit my sweet tooth too! 

Mantra Bands: my recent discovery. I stumbled upon these at Nordstrom and had to have one. I also bought one for a dear friend for her birthday. She was thrilled. I've loved mine so much and was reminded by her when I got the pleasure of seeing her recently how much hers meant as well, that I decide to sell them too. So, now you can get one at Star! I currently own 4!! Wear your own personal mantra, your own personal message, remind yourself daily your own affirmations and goals. Or gift one to your special person. 

My new favorite: LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE

I am so lucky that I get to do this every day! 

Expect a full schedule this weekend- yes I'm teaching on my birthday! Only one class cancelled..Sunday Spin. Sorry friends, I'm going to check out a class that I have interest in adding. Spin + yoga! 

Check out our added Pilates Workshops. Find your core again, re-commit to your posture and start your journey of fitness through pilates. More info, go HERE

Look for yoga workshops on the site soon too! 


Thanks for hanging with me this year gals...let's make this next one even better.