New year, new stuff...+ STAR student!

Wow, 2017. Seems like it was just 2016. :)

I'm super excited about all the familiar and NEW faces at Star Pilates and Fitness as we start this exciting new year. And I'm excited about what's to come at Star. FIRST FRIDAYS! Come and work your week off with an energizing friday night group fitness class and then settle into your well deserved weekend with happy hour after. Classes will rotate as instructors are available, but you can expect an intense workout as well as our signature fun style. Music will be bumping, lights will be low, and of course you'll get to chill with your comrades and enjoy a beverage after. 

First one starts in February, yep, right around the corner. Sign up online HERE!

Second- look for more classes on the schedule soon. Pilates mat, more yoga, early am and more evening classes. 

Interested in Pilates? Starting your fitness journey? Just had a baby? Need help with your posture? Want to improve your game? Recovering from an injury? Then Pilates is FOR YOU! Star Pilates and Fitness is pleased to announce Intro to Pilates Workshops. Check out more info HERE.


This months STAR student is my lovely client and friend, Jacquie Childers. Jacquie and I met back when I was teaching at a studio in Lafayette, before I owned Star. It took some time to get her to come on over, and now I'm lucky to see her 3-4 times a week. She really lights up her tuesdays and thursdays and DOUBLES DOWN with a spin/barre combo- way to kick it into high gear Jacquie! Thankfully I also get to see her bright smile on my weekends too. 

Not only is Jacquie a dedicated fitness pal, but she's also a devoted mother and wife, a pediatric nurse, and a fierce fashionista..check her out!

Thanks Jacquie for being a dedicated client, working so hard in class, bringing your beautiful smile to the studio, supporting me and Star, and recently for my morning coffee! 


Couple reminders STARS...

Star Pilates and Fitness is a local and owner operated business. We pride ourselves on offering customized group fitness classes with small class sizes to give individualized attention to each participant. To enhance your experience to it's highest level, we appreciate you following our guidelines:

*Arrive 5 minutes early to your class. While we do have some admin support staff, it is not for every class. Instructors often sign their own classes in. This means if you arrive 5 minutes past the start time, it is possible the door will be locked and you'll miss the party. 

*Bring a re-fillable water bottle, we cold filter our own water.

*Bring indoor (or atleast CLEAN!) cross training shoes for spin and TRX classes. Or SPD spin shoes.

*We do not require grippy socks, but recommend them for barre and pilates. We also sell them should you need a pair. 

*Do yourself a favor, leave your phone in the car! 

*Wear moveable, breathable work out clothes.

*Don't worry about a towel- we've got them. We've also got yoga mats, props, and you can usually find chocolate at the front desk. 

*Smile often. 

Thank you for doing your best to work collaboratively on making STAR a wonderful place to get fit for ALL of us.