Weekend Warrior

Happy Weekend Stars! And a 3 day weekend at that! Hope to see you all at the studio. Full schedule all weekend, minus the 10 AM reformer class Saturday. Instructor vacation! 

I know I'm excited about the last LMYA soccer game of the season. Not that I haven't enjoyed every moment of classic bunch ball and good times! Which brings me to my Thursday post for all you weekend warriors, getting your workout in and balancing it with the never ending family (eh-em sports participation) time. Check out a tip to take YOUR fitness to the field. 

For those Stars that are choosing to not exercise their bodies this weekend, and maybe just exercising their livers....I've got a tip for you too....

Just before bed, and after those few too many cocktails or glasses of wine, take a tablespoon of pure unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. Wash down with a glass of water and don't forget to brush your teeth and wash your face. Even better if you apply eye cream and a night serum. Apple Cider Vinegar neutralizes the sugar you over-consumed and can help your body find balance through the night, alleviating a hangover and allowing for a more restful night sleep.