Shining Star

Star Pilates and Fitness presents....



Here at Star Pilates and Fitness, we all work hard. But there are times when it feels appropriate to point out when one of you is working particularly hard. Or maybe having a really good time doing it. Or maybe ROCKING a pair of bright patterned leggings. 

Don't worry, you'll all get your turn. But this time, this first Star Student goes to the fabulous Marcie Tuttle. Marcie found me through a mutual friend and has been a loyal client and friend ever since. She has brought countless others to experience Star and helped me to turn visits into regular clients. Marci has tried nearly everything that I've thrown at her, even wild and crazy leggings. And taken each with her beautiful long stride: mastered moves, postures, and how to wear those fun leggings! 

In the past few weeks, Marci has taken big efforts to keep up with her workouts. Even though an injury is preventing her from doing barre class as we most do, shoeless, she simply bought a new pair of trainers and is doing it all with shoes on! Way to stay with it Marci! 

I think one of my favorite things about Marci is her wonderful smile and what comes right behind it...compassion, empathy and pure goodness. 

Thank you Marci for being such an easy choice as our first STAR STUDENT. And thank you for being you, my wonderful client and friend. 





In other news....

Full schedule this week! 2.5 weeks until Thanksgiving. Let's kick it into high gear and get fit for this holiday! Whether you are headed to the beach, to see family, or simply staying home and taking it easy- make this year a time to honor you. Be thankful for your health and your strength, and celebrate it.

Don't forget- come work out on THANKSGIVING DAY! Sign up now to reserve your spot. And stay for a celebratory toast after.  

Look for my next post this thursday...sure to make you smile.